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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Keller, Esmeralda

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Esmeralda Keller

Esmeralda Keller

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PostSubject: Keller, Esmeralda    Keller, Esmeralda  EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 3:19 pm

Keller, Esmeralda  81fc4cb6d3c75d2dec57af48778e6db6

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Esmeralda Roslyn Keller  
Nickname(s) : Esme
Reason for the nickname(s) : Esme was what her mother called her as a child
Birthdate/ Season: May 20th/ Spring
Occupation: Artist, utilizes all formats but prefers to use charcoal (her forte includes: charcoal, paints, and pencil)

Physical Appearance

Race: Crusnik
Age: Unknown
Age Appearance: Twenty-eight
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 pounds

Body Information: Esmeralda is a tall, well fit, hour-glass-figured woman. Her weight is well carried on her body, a fair portion clearly sits on her 38E chest. Most of her height is in her legs, her waist is long but it only contributes a slight portion to her weight. Her fingers are slender and show much ware from her craft, as do her thin hands. Esme is a woman no two ways about it.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : Across her back is a tribal dragon, she sees the dragon as a powerful yet elegant and wise creature.
Hair Color: Dark pink
Hair Length: To the small of her back
Eye Color: Bright violet
Skin Tone: Sun-kissed
Glasses or Contacts: Contacts, she is far-sighted but does not want glasses as with her job they would get dirty constantly.
Accessorie(s) : Earrings, chokers, rings

Attire: An artist through and through, Esme dresses at home like a slob. She doesn't want her nice clothes being dirty, and keeps them far away while she works. In public Esme is quite fashion forward, being able to afford such things with her successful and wide range of work. Esme is not fond of dresses, and only wears them when the occasion calls for it. Her closet is divided into "work" clothes and "public" clothes, quite literally. One is full of sweat pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. While the other is filled with the latest fashion, what the best of the best are wearing.


Personality: Esmeralda is a kind soul, someone who loves to make those around her smile. She is a very active lady, going from one place to another and always trying new things. The artistic sense in her is astounding, she loves watching pictures come to life at the flick of a brush or scratch of a pencil. A daydreamer she often goes off into space and doesn't come down any time soon. This is where she gets a majority of her ideas for pieces, so she will not change this any time soon. She can however be a very good listener when on Earth with everyone else.
Esme loves food, any kind as long as it tastes good. Her artistry also finds it's way into when she cooks, loving to create new things even if they don't turn out alright. It's the thrill of making something from her own two hands that she loves, it's what drives her forward in life. Esme is an upbeat person, she loves to smile and laugh and make other people smile and laugh. Her temper is something that surprises most people, she seems so calm and is very patient when at work. Watching her shout and scream is jarring to her friends.
Esme, though loving high end things like fashion and food, is a simple lady. When not at work she loves the quiet, loving to go outside and read a book when the weather is nice. Esme is a fun loving artist, who gets angry like the rest of the world and enjoys the simple things in life when in her down time. Her biggest dream is of the future, and she cannot wait to see what's lying just ahead.

Like(s) : Reading, getting dirty while at work (it gives a strong sense of accomplishment), animals, the sunshine, food, cooking, trying new things
Dislike(s) : Thunder, being dirty outside of work, cloudy days, dresses, animal abusers, unreliability, greed
Fear(s) : The dark, spiders
Habit(s) : Drinking, chewing on her pencils and brushes when in thought
Talent(s) : Art, playing the piano

Pet Peeve(s) : Esme can't stand it when people read aloud, others don't need to know what you are reading and it's very distracting.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Bisexual
Virgin?: No (her ex-boyfriend was her first)
Status: Single
Preference(s) : Esme loves an artistic, intelligent man. Someone she could just have a calming conversation with, or sit down and watch a movie with. Being physical is nice, but she wants someone who she can connect with and go to when things are bad. Esme loves men with dark hair, and who are tall, they make her feel safe.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Close combat, medium range combat, evasion
Weapon(s) : Simple dagger

Pros: Speed, calculation, using the battle field to her advantage
Cons: Execution of plans, battling form, long range combat

Special Gift: See No Evil - Esme has the ability to 'see' auras of people. They appear in different colors based on what type of person they are. She is still trying to fine tune it, as for now she can only see the aura clearly when physical contact is made with said person.


Luggage: Esme is (oddly) a light packer, and only brings what she really needs. She always carries a sketch book and pencil in her bag, always prepared when inspiration strikes.
Pet?: A 2 year old Bengal cat, her name is Maya
Transport: Esme drives a four door convertible, much akin to a Mustang. Painted bright red with thin black lines going down the sides. Soft grey interior with seating for five (including her).

Living Area?: Apartment


Hometown: Oldenburg, Germany
Guardian(s) : Mother - Francesca Keller, Father - Rowan Keller (Deceased)
Sibling(s) : Little brother - Collin Keller

History: Esme was born to a loving family, in a simple town on the north side of Germany. As a child Esme was very creative, even if she always made a mess her mother loved every work her little girl gave to her. School was rather normal for her, she got good grades and excelled in art classes. Her mother had high hopes for her little girl, she could see her being a famous artist in the future. Once Esme reached fifth grade her little brother Collin was born, and even if the two tortured each other constantly the two were inseparable. Esme protected her little brother as he went through school, even once beating up a bully who pushed him.
Esmeralda was about to start high school, when her father became very sick. He hand lung cancer, and even with treatment there was no guarantee he could make it through. Two months after diagnosis he passed away, it broke the family for a long time. All through high school Esme would argue with her mother constantly, and her brother would find the two woman crying themselves to sleep most nights. Upon her graduation and acceptance into college, Esme and her mother finally buried the hatchet and life went on smoothly from there.
Esme searched for art colleges but none caught her eyes, until her mother came to her with great news. A few months prior she had sent a small portfolio with many of her works to a school in a very distant place, that day a letter came in the mail stating she had been accepted. Esme wasted no time packing her things and flying to this new place, quickly accepting their offer to attend. After years of schooling Esme graduated and began her work here, soon coming to fame when one of her first paintings went for thousands. After that she made many more, and she became happier and happier in this new place she called home. Esme welcomed the change right away, and has never looked back.

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Keller, Esmeralda
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