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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Charbonneau, Jazmine

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PostSubject: Charbonneau, Jazmine   Charbonneau, Jazmine EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 8:41 pm

Charbonneau, Jazmine Be5abc93-ac1b-43b0-9384-e30c5ad01a14_zps4081e406

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Jazmine  
Nickname(s): Jaz
Reason for the nickname(s): It was given to her by her mother and nobody else can call her that except people she allows.
Birthdate/ Season: December 21/ Winter
Occupation: Singer but is also a Student.

Physical Appearance

Race: Demon
Age: Unknown
Age Appearance: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120lbs

Body Information:
Jazmine is older than she looks she doesn’t remember how old however with her young age she looks rather beautiful. She has the perfect curves for her body. The one thing you notice when you see her however, is Jazmine’s flawless smooth skin that goes perfect with her silky black hair.

Tattoo/ Marking(s): A small white rose on her right hip near her stomach. There is also a small skull on her left hip near her stomach.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: To the middle of her back.
Eye Color: A Neon Green
Skin Tone: It is not too pale but at the same time not too tan.
Glasses or Contacts: None
Accessorie(s): She wears a horseshoe necklace. She always has a black and white bag on her back. (The ones with strings for straps.)

Attire: She will wear black dresses that is knee length with the sides cut out and black flats when she is in a good mood and wants to have fun. When she is in a bad mood or doesn’t feel like messing with people she will wear black jeans, black and white converse sneakers, and a white hoodie.


Personality: Jazmine is very quiet and shy so she keeps to herself. She may be quiet but she is very nice. When you get to know her you will see the determination she has for reaching her goals.

Like(s): Singing, Chocolate, Anything Black and White ,Small Children, Most people, The ocean, Pretty much anything just because she’s a demon doesn’t mean she is evil or something.
Dislike(s): Anything too Girly, The color Pink
Fear(s): Not being able to fulfill hers and her mothers dream. Also, not being able to find someone who loves her for who she is.
Habit(s): She plays with her necklace and hair.
Talent(s): Singing

Pet Peeve(s): When children are disrespectful and bully each other. When people tell her she will never be good enough to reach her goal.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Heterosexual
Virgin?: Yes
Status: Single
Preference(s): A nice guy that will lover her for who she is. That’s all she wants.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s): Karate, Hand-to-Hand, and Weapon-to-weapon mostly with her pistol.
Weapon(s): Jazmine always carries a dagger on her and every now and then she carries her pistol. (She keeps them in her Black and White Bag.)  

Pros: Dodging, Attacking, and climbing higher to get away.
Cons: She has flaws in her defense, she can get overconfident, and she has trouble planning the next move.
Special Gift: Controlling Shadows. It’s nothing big she can sense people’s presence and protect herself with shadows although it is not fully developed and there are a couple flaws.


Luggage: Jazmine is a very heavy packer. She will pack everything that is necessary and then a little extra just in case.
Pet?: Her pet is a female black cat and it’s name is Midnight.
Transport: None

Living Area?: Jazmine is a Singer so she lives in a condo.


Hometown: Paris, France
Guardian(s): Her Father is Unknown. Her Mother is Jessica Charbonneau
Sibling(s): None

History: Jessica had just had her first child, Jazmine. The father couldn’t be there to see because he was on a very important tour with his band. While on his tour, Jazmine’s father was killed by a man that her father had done wrong to. So her mother left Paris with Jazmine and decided to never tell her about her father and she would treat Jazmine like everyday was her last.
  Jessica and Jazmine moved to Hollywood. This would be the perfect place to start over and do something with their lives. Jessica became a famous singer and went on tours. When Jazmine got old enough, Jessica brought her along and this is where Jazmine’s love for music developed. Her mom gave her singing lessons and loved on her every chance she got. They became very close and Jazmine’s mother gave her a necklace with a horseshoe on it. It was for good luck so Jazmine could become a famous singer like her mother.
  One day after Jazmine’s mother had a show she met a guy. Jazmine could tell there was something different about this man. Jessica let him stay over night with them because the man was having “car problems”. During the night, Jazmine heard a bang. She jumped out of bed to see what it was. The man was gone and her mother was on the floor. She ran over to her mother and with her last words she told Jazmine, “Go fulfill your dream and remember I will be with you.” Then her mother touched the necklace Jazmine was wearing and her hand dropped.
Jazmine promised herself she would reach her goals for her mother. As she turned around the man shot her. Jazmine didn’t die though she was standing in darkness in a spotlight. The voice of a man echoed everywhere. It said,” You have a strong will and goals that have not been fulfilled. I shall give you another chance if you do fulfill these goals you will owe me nothing and live peacefully in the afterlife. On the other hand if you do not you will be my slave and work for me and I will make you miserable.” Jazmine didn’t understand why this was happening but she agreed and before she could say anything else she was alive. She realized she was not exactly human though but she soon figured out she was a demon. She was not going to act like one though. Jazmine then saw she was also brought to a different place though and she decided to stay here for it seemed like the perfect place to start off her dreams and a new life.

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Charbonneau, Jazmine
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