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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Kurai, Malificent

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PostSubject: Kurai, Malificent   Kurai, Malificent EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 11:09 pm

Kurai, Malificent Large

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Malificent Onyx Kurai
Nickname(s) : Kurai
Reason for the nickname(s) : She likes to be called as such.
Birthdate/ Season: August 13th/ Later Summer to Fall
Occupation: A known Model and Lead Singer out on her own.

Physical Appearance

Race: Mage/ Witch 'Wiccan' A old ancient art of Magic. She considers herself a good Wiccan.
Age: Unknown, Wiccans are good at hiding their real age.
Age Appearance: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9, is close to 5'10
Weight: She doesn't check her weight for she doesn't wanna know how much she weighs.

Body Information: A normal looking teenager who appears to be average to many peoples eyes. However, her body is perfectly healthy for it shows no signs of weakness. Very if not considerably average sized body no one picks on her for she seems to normal. Nothing is wrong with her appearance of her body for she shows it off well for she tends to model for her albums along with modeling for concerts. Many people speak fondly of her body only cause she keeps up with a picky diet and tends to only eat fruit and drink water. Kurai is a strange one and it is because of what she is.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : Purple violet on her right shoulder, and thorn like tattoos going up her ankles.
Hair Color: Raven
Hair Length: Cut very evenly short, she calls the style 'Punkish'.
Eye Color: Dazzling Black
Skin Tone: Known as a perfect white tone for she is pale. This is considered normal with her.
Glasses or Contacts: None, for she has perfect vision.
Accessorie(s) : Everything in the gothic look for all of her jewelry are rather dark and punk-ish. Chokers, ear-rings, wrist bands, open finger gloves, rings, necklaces, collar known chokers, bracelets, gothic finger covers, lip rings, belly button rings of three, and masculine looking belts which are fully undone to sometimes being done. Also, has a tongue ring.

Attire: A rather gothic looking girl in her attire, she likes to dress up like a punk for this is how she really is. Gothic known tops, skirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets, sleeveless tops, tube tops, stripped shirts, torn pants to jeans. Everything about her is dark and gothic in the term. Kurai puts everyone to shame for she goes all out in looking like a bad girl. Though, her clothes speak of a dark and tormented girl she is opposite of what her clothes say. The known shoes that she wears are high heeled boots, converses, boots, and many other types of gothic or punk-ish styled shoes. Lets face it, she looks good for a gothic woman.


Personality: She is a quiet individual who is mature and always in thought. Though, she looks like a gothic person and sometimes acts that she doesn't care. Kurai is indeed a kind and passionate woman who works hard to sing and please her fans. This girl cares about everything and everyone, she just doesn't show it to people at times. A lead singer has to think about songs and give them to their fans. Normally, very quiet she is also very shy with a heart of gold. Some would speak of her as a tormented soul but really she is not tormented. Kurai adores making new friends along with talking to people for she is indeed a people person, it is just she doesn't talk much. She is a skilled singer and model who loves to have fun and try out new things. One of her strongest points is that she is confident and will not stop until she gets her songs done. Everyone has a temper or bad day, Kurai is no different for she is like everyone else. It is just she respects alot of things.

She is also smart for she made all A's in High School.

However, one of her weakest points is she tries to hard and pushes herself to hard. She also tends to keep her feelings away from other people. Does not want to show she her feelings to anyone so she keeps them hidden.

Like(s) : Singing, shopping, making new friends, smoking, animals, sky diving, under water diving, exploring, enhancing her cooking skills, writing songs, listening to music, day dreaming, adventuring, dancing, and trying out new things.
Dislike(s) : Insects that fly, thugs who pick on women, rodents, annoying people, certain kids, watching sad movies, and desperate people.
Fear(s) : Losing her fans to other kinds of music, rodents, and being alone.
Habit(s) : Smokes, pops her fingers, pops her neck, and tends to punch people.
Talent(s) : Singer, model, dancing, cooking still needs work, playing a guitar, and is a outstanding woman when it comes to outdoors.

Pet Peeve(s) : People who bug her to much with wanting her autograph to even everyone who tries their hardest to please her.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Bisexual
Virgin?: Unknown
Status: Single
Preference(s) : She wants a person who she can rely on and go running to them when she has a bad day, someone who calls her special and speaks kindly to her. A person who she could give her heart to along with her trust. Kurai wants someone to always be there for her in her time of need.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Kick Boxing, hand to hand, and using the style which allows for a gun.
Weapon(s) : Two Pistols

Pros: Evasion, distant attacker with guns, and is faintly good with close up range.
Cons: Weather tends to hurt her evasion skills along with her sight with her guns, and when she runs out of ammo.

Special Gift: Kurai's gift allows her to sense vibrations through the ground. This is the only way she can get around those who wish to ambush her. This gift is known as Vibration Detector for she can sense them through the ground.


Luggage: A guitar case for her guitar, one large suit case which she can pull around, a gothic looking hand bag which is made of leather and has skull charms hanging from it. She also carries a small bag for her jewelry and other small items.
Pet?: Kurai's pet is known as a tarantula which she calls Choco for he is brown like chocolate.
Transport: Kurai drives a camaro which is fully black. One of the newer models of camaro.

Living Area?: Due to her being a singer does she live in a Condo.


Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Guardian(s) : Only one known guardian and that is her Older sister known as Rin.
Sibling(s) : Rin is her older sister, she is like a mother to Kurai due to her helpful support.

History: This girl standing before you lived in Memphis, Tennessee for her dream was to be a singer for she had a lovely singing voice. Her sister was known as Rin for she was older and raised Kurai when their parents died in a car accident. Kurai does not remember when that day happened for she was to young to recall it. Rin was a helpful sister who loved her little sister with all of her being. Entering school was fun for Kurai, for that was how she found her passion for singing. At the time when she became a High School student was she treated badly due to her new found discovery which was known as being Gothic. From the beginning Kurai's family were called Wiccans due to their mysterious abilities and nature. Rin told Kurai about their family tree and wanted nothing more to make her family proud by following the code of the Wiccan.

Many people disliked her and her new found nature but she looked over them and continued with her dream. Though, everyone spoke badly of her she did not let that stand in the way of her dreams in becoming a singer. So confident was Kurai that she made straight A's which made her sister happy. As she continued getting good grades did she graduate very early and was given a chance to prove her worth in a show. This show was infront of many people everyone and she sung in this known contest, due to this did they allow her a chance to go to the semi finals for the show was known 'All-stars Got Talent?'
Much like all shows which made people compete for a chance to win in becoming a star, Kurai went to the finals and before she knew it she became a singer.

Obtaining her dream did she travel through the world and sung her heart out to her fans, everyone loved her music and it was selling very well. Before she knew it, did she obtain awards for best singer along with a award for a best model. This confident girl put herself out there in order to follow her dreams and she must say, she was glad for going out there. It is a lonely life which she found out way to soon, though she doesn't want to stop in the middle of something big in her life. As she continues to do what she loves, she can not help but feel small in this large world. Everyone was at home while she was here, it would take time for her to get use to it.

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Kurai, Malificent
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