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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Bane 'T', Uruha

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Uruha T. Bane

Uruha T. Bane

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PostSubject: Bane 'T', Uruha   Bane 'T', Uruha EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:38 pm

Bane 'T', Uruha Tumblr_lruct6KVef1r06cpb
"Sorry kiddo! Maybe next time!"
Character Data Chart

Entire name: Uruha Tora 'Tiger' Bane
Nickname(s) : Tora 'Tiger', for he was born in the year of the tiger. Master Manager! When no one is looking he is called 'Tigger!'
Reason for the nickname(s) : Tora means 'Tiger', which he loves to be called this. Master Manager is what he calls himself often. Tigger is what his niece calls him
Birthdate/ Season: February 13/ The first of Spring is in March so uh it is best to assume late Winter?
Occupation: Likes to think he is Lead Manager who scouts for new talents.

Physical Appearance

Race: Eternal
Age: Not Mentioned nor shared, for he hates the fact that he is old!
Age Appearance: 32 Years Old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5, his height is shy of being 6'6.
Weight: Shows his weight with pride for he weighs one hundred and fourty four pounds!

Body Information: A well shaped masculine male with facial hair and dark locks up and above his head. The skin of this man is tan and his body is well shaped and perfect. No flaw what so ever to his body and how it looks. Narrow waist which goes up evenly to a well shaped chest and broad shoulders. Indeed, he is quite a looker and adores the fact that he is so 'Fine!'. Long legs which help him run away from certain thugs or 'people', his hands are quite large much like his feet which he can counter in is natural for he believes he is still growing body wise. Though, many will say he is full of hot air.

The natural fact is that his body is fine and it has no clear signs of illness or pain. This man is a boulder for he never moves unless out numbered and he is a good sport for he has never missed work...once!

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : Has twin tattoos of Tigers on his upper arms, upon his back is there a large tiger which appears to be climbing a mountain. The only known tattoo that is not tiger related is that he has a cross tattoo on the back of his neck and he tends to show it off to children who have not seen a tattoo before."Look Kid! Ain't I cool!?", will be his normal response to children who have not seen a tattoo in their lives.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Styled to be in his face and cover his neck, his length is in between short and long. When wet will his hair appear to be long, once it dries will it go back to its natural styled shape.
Eye Color: Olive/ Opal. A mixture of brown and blue.
Skin Tone: A perfect shade of tan all over his body, it is natural believe it or not?
Glasses or Contacts: None, though tends to wear glasses if reading something like a newspaper.
Accessorie(s) : Wrist band of pure leather, normal wrist watch which is quite alot of money. Beaded bracelet of different colors which look to be crafted, Snap on bracelet, and different colored hats which make him look quite fashionable. Though, many question his appearance. Tends to wear neck ties, necklaces, to simple kinds of jewelry which a full grown man will wear. Belts included!

Attire: A classic look of being proper and mature though his personality can change at any given chance. It mainly depends on the people who he is talking too. Simple tops which he can place a vest over it, with normal jeans to black fashionable pants. Shoes he tends to wear which are all black or dark brown which are considered "Way to much" to most people. A hat which he has fallen in love with and tends to go over board when shopping for new ones for they all look the same they are just different in color. A normal fact about him is that he wears a hat 24/7, even when he is sleeping. This man lives in his favorite type of hat!

Other attires he will wear, it is just that he likes to look different in peoples eyes.


Personality: A guy who is out looking for a star 24/7, this mans goal is to make sure everyone is having fun as well as reaching for their dreams. They have to be tolerant with him for he tends to get a little side tracked. This man before has placed many people in the Studio it is crazy. This guy never gives up even if it means to lie to get into the spot light! A guy like this is a one of a kind find and will stop at nothing to make sure to bring the best for his clients!

When he is not working is he a fun loving yet lazy individual who has tolerance for just about anything. This guy is happy, perky, open, a bit of a flirt, and a big guy who likes to flatter the ladies and men around him. The only weakness this guy has is his niece for she is nine who is turning ten. This guy has a lot of nieces and nephews and has a time in trying to recall all of their names, it is just easy for him to notice his niece for she is the youngest and seems to like tigers just as much as he does. Tigger comes into play at this point for this girl wants him to jump around like the Tiger in a cartoon show and guess what? He does it with her following him everywhere while laughing.

This tells you that he loves kids, to play with them, and to make them laugh. Even if it means that he looks strange when talking to them for he acts like a new mother with each new child introduced to his family. Even though, he acts like this he is a decent guy who is a character when it comes to looking for new stars, talking to ladies and men alike, and tends to flirt a little to much even if it gets him no where.

For a guy like this, it is rare alright. Considering he is childish, a bit of a pout, and a lazy guy on his days off. No joke! He would rather sleep than to work for his client! Also, he likes to go out and eat alot, and even talk on the phone for hours to his niece. Have tolerance is all that is requested.

Like(s) : His niece 'Clara', working, sleeping in, eating out, trying out new clothes, taking off his hat to good looking females and males. Cooking, brewing coffee, playing crossword puzzles, playing with his nephews and nieces, flirting, tasting new foods, swimming, tigers, pretending to be a tiger, calling new stars "Kiddo!", playing video games, trying to be dominate, going to the beach, shopping for his nieces and nephews, and a whole lot more!
Dislike(s) : Seeing Clara cry, having to work on his days off, hearing such strange phrases which should be kept a secret, rides which go to fast or try to launch him up in the air, seeing a normal family together, pranks played on him in bed "I'll get you BACK!", losing his hat or hats, hearing babies cry, seeing child birth, certain stars who are disrespectful, certain foods such as eels, sad movies, those who bully Clara, thugs trying to harm a woman, seeing someone picking on a guy who is alone, and hates salt and pepper.  
Fear(s) : Something happening to Clara or himself. Doesn't want to die and tends to get sad when he thinks about it. Going to fast or feels himself about to fall out of a ride or something of the sort.
Habit(s) : Tends to flirt to much, talks to much about Clara, dozes off during important meetings, and tends to drink way to much. If he loses his hat or hats will he go into a panic.
Talent(s) : A good cook, brewer of the best coffee, The World's Best Manager, knows what fits well with certain clothes, good at dressing up his clients to the best they can be, and is a skilled driver. The kind of reckless driving that one sees in movies which of course the car is not harmed or damaged.

Pet Peeve(s) : Mainly, when he hears kids crying or someone abusing a child does he snap!

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Not certain, he is afraid to fall in love. Though, he flirts he never expects it to work and when it does work will he freeze and run off with a flushed face.
Virgin?: No, he lost it when he was young.
Status: Single
Preference(s) : It depends? Can someone get close enough to him for him to feel comfortable? This man is as gentle as a lazy tiger, it is just getting the tiger close enough to pet him.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Kicking Style 'He uses his feet more than his hands', The kind of style which allows him to use weapons, and Low strikes kind of style.
Weapon(s) : Has a high tech pistol which shoots close ranged and a pole which he extends.

Pros: Close combat, speed, and a flexible user when it comes to kicking. 'Meaning, he is able to spin his leg or feet to any kind way'
Cons: Long ranged combat, weather which can hinder his speed, and a lousy recovery time when his kicks are blocked.

Special Gift: Tora "Tiger" Kick, a known kicking gift which allows him to kick the ground which allows him to jump up high to roof tops or buildings. A normal move to help him move around much quicker. Never would he use it in battle.

Example: Uruha is chasing a cilent and the guy beats him to the elevator.
Uruha blinks and looks to the numbers and runs outside and looks up to the estimated floor. "TORA KICK!", strongly he kicks the floor and scales through the air to the window which he pops in time to catch his client. "Got ya, Kiddo!", Uruha smiles like a complete predator who has caught his prey.

*~~~Job Well Done, Best Manager of the World!~~~*


Luggage: Uruha is a light packer and tends to pack up his stuff in one large suit case. Anything else he needs he places it in a rather large tote. All of his stuff is always in his car of choice....the JEEP BABY!
Pet?: Uruha has a Bengal Cat whose name guessed it! Tora!
Transport: A pure black Jeep, to be truthfully honest he bought it when he saw a woman cleaning it on a commercial.


Living Area?: Uruha T. Bane lives in a Condo! The best manager should live in a place and not in a run down apartment! No offense to those who do? *Laughs nervously as he feels glares from other people who live in a apartment.*


Hometown: Majorca, Spain
Guardian(s) : None for they died a long time ago.
Sibling(s) : Ranmaru Bane 'Younger Brother', and Tenma Bane 'Older Brother.' Both brothers are married while Uruha is not. Clara's father is his older brother, Tenma.

History: Long story short! Uruha is the second oldest brother in his trio of brothers.

Ranmaru was the first to get married while Tenma was the second to get married. It happened so quickly before Uruha's eyes that he blinked and laughed it off for he gave them his "Congrats!" when they got married. The weddings for both brothers were simple, sweet, and to the point while as Uruha stood alone while he watched his brothers settle down.

The weddings took place in Majorca, Spain. Where three brothers lived peacefully after their parents died due to natural causes.

The three brothers grew up together, played together, and studied together. It was a matter of time of course till the brothers would go their seperate ways. Ranmaru married his life time friend who was a sweet lady who gave up her own belongings to make everyone happy while as Tenma married Uruha's best friend. It was hard to watch for Uruha for he and his best friend slept together back in High School. None of the brothers knew this only cause Uruha never brought it up with them.

As quickly as the weddings happened did the children came. Uruha adored kids only cause well it was natural to love children and since they were his brothers kids he had to love them. Though, they gave little to him when they were growing up. The three brothers did their own dream jobs.

Ranmaru went and became a Lawyer, Uruha became a skilled Manager, while as Tenma became a Mayor in their hometown. They all lived their lives or rather both brothers lived while as Uruha stood alone and did the things he loved which was look for new stars.

Uruha watched as Ranmaru had three children while as Tenma had four, he had to accept them of course for they were all cute...but not as cute as Clara.

That day was the best day in Uruha's life for he was first introduced to Clara when she was brought into the world. Uruha held little Clara in his arms and smiled like a father did to their first child, though she was not his. Clara opened her eyes on Uruha for the first time and he froze and smiled a weak smile as he cried. The words of love came out in a shakey tone.

"H-Hello....little C-Clara...I want you to know....Uncle Uruha will you."

Clara as a infant in his arms smiled and softly tugged on his patch of hair on his chin. The tears still came from Uruha as well as a shakey laugh. Tenma smiled at this connection while as his wife felt odd about it. It was strange to have lost it all with a man who was now her brother in law. Tenma soon found out from his wife what had happened in High School and things between Uruha and Tenma changed.

Both brothers had a argument which Uruha felt was childish. His older brother had her now so why was he making such a big deal about it when it had happened years ago. Clara turned one at that time and heard the arguments from both men. The little girl cried and Uruha was the first to comfort the weeping girl who he cradled with love and his own tears which snaked out of his eyes. Tenma went quiet after that and gave Uruha the cold shoulder for a while.

Uruha was then forced to not meet Clara anymore thanks to Tenma and his confused feelings. To keep his feelings under did Uruha keep to his work and became a mad work a holic. Stars were found at a quick speed and all of them became rich and thanked Uruha for his hard work by giving him a party of drinks and women. The drinking started then for Uruha for he became so drunk that he could not walk straight. The women who were introduced to him seemed to be more interested in the new stars than Uruha which is why he left.

Returning to his condo did he fall on his couch face first and slept off the worst hang over of his life. Passing out did he wake up late the next day, thankful for the day off did he become a different person who was lazy and never satisfied. That was until he heard a soft knock on the door which he went and answered.

The color and life returned to his eyes for Clara came with her mother to see him, to find out that she had turned nine was the biggest joy in his life. They both hugged and Uruha cried in the little girls arms who was confused by his constant crying with her. Uruha and his first talked and she apologized for everything she had put him through and gave him a chance to baby sit Clara whenever he wanted as well as talk to her, regardless to what his older brother said.

Uruha was complete and was finally able to live his life happy, though he still feels open.

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Bane 'T', Uruha
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