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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Ollison, Simone (Done)

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Simone Ollison

Simone Ollison

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Ollison, Simone (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Ollison, Simone (Done)   Ollison, Simone (Done) EmptyThu Apr 03, 2014 11:53 pm

Ollison, Simone (Done) CgLLi7I

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Simone Ollison
Nickname(s) : Sim
Reason for the nickname(s) : Her best friend used to call her Sim
Birthdate/ Season: April 12th/ Spring
Occupation: Singer

Physical Appearance

Race: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Age Appearance: 28 years
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 137 lbs

Body Information: Simone is tall and very slender, it's all part of being a vampire. Her height is mostly in her long legs and waist, the rest of her is average height. Her arms and fingers are long and slender, her figure not lacking even with her tall body. Her chest is 38C, surprising for her thin and lanky figure.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : The entire right side of her back has a tattoo of a vine with flowering lilies. She has many scars on her upper arms, she doesn't like to talk about them.
Hair Color: Originally a light brown but dyed pink when she was a teenager
Hair Length: Simone's hair is cut cleanly collar bones.
Eye Color: Forest green
Skin Tone: Pale
Glasses or Contacts: None
Accessorie(s) : Cross choker from her best friend

Attire: Being famous Simone keeps her appearance up, wearing clothes that are fashionable but not atrociously expensive and revealing. She hides her upper arms a lot, to hide the scars there. she likes semi-long sleeve shirts, skirts, and dresses.


Personality: A kind and gentle soul, Simone treats everyone with the kindness she feels everyone deserves when they first meet. She's polite and adores her fan base like they are her best friends. Though do not take her lightly, he doesn't take any crap from anyone and her temper flares with random triggers, the biggest being asking her about past. When angry she'll lash out, throwing furniture and punches so be warned.
Behind the smiles, fan love, and anger rages, a darkness dwells in her. A past she keeps secret from everyone haunts her even to this day, and she keeps it well hidden from everyone around her. She's prone in private to random boughs of depression, often calling in sick to simply lie in the dark for the day. It still kills her inside what happened, no matter how long ago it was.

Like(s) : Music, children, animals, her fans, coffee, blood, cold showers, ice cream
Dislike(s) : Hot days, her past, killing, hot water, spicy foods, being hungover, headaches
Fear(s) : Reliving her past with someone else
Habit(s) : Drinking
Talent(s) : Singing, playing piano

Pet Peeve(s) : When people try and talk her when she has headphones in

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Heterosexual
Virgin?: Yes
Status: Single
Preference(s) : Body type, hair/eye color does not matter to her, she just wants someone who will listen and is kind. She wants someone who can take away the pain, make her feel like less of a monster.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Close combat (punching, kicking, biting), Mid range combat, swordsmanship
Weapon(s) : Dragonfly katana

Pros: Well versed in sword play, vampire speed, vampire strength
Cons: Long distance, bad vision in sunlight, slower in the day

Special Gift: Dream weaver - Sim has the ability to see into another person's dreams, by making physical contact she can see and interpret dreams. The catch is the person in question must be awake at the time and she must make physical contact with them.  


Luggage: Simone carries a lot on her at all time as she's always on the move. Clothes, accessories, everything in kept close because she never knows when her manager will call and she'll go on tour.
Pet?: Ferdinand - Doberman  
Transport: A white sports car, simple but effective

Living Area?: Condo


Hometown: Esashi, Hokkaido
Guardian(s) : Father - Gregory Ollison (Deceased), Mother - Hannah Ollison (Living)
Sibling(s) : None

"Greg are you sure about this?" "Hannah it's going to be okay. Just think, I'll get more money and our little boy can be in a place with rich culture. It'll build character." The brunette woman sighed. softly rubbing her swollen stomach. Her husband being transferred to Hokkaido, it was so sudden but she had to admit she was a little excited. Greg placed a kiss on the side of her face.
"It's going to be fun!"
Leave it to him to make her smile. Her hand twined into his, holding it firm as she felt the plane tilt to the left. With a chuckle Greg brushed some of her hair out of her face.
"Relax, it means we're almost there."
Hannah glanced out of her window, seeing mountains covered in snow and a vast ocean in the distance. She smiled, this place was very beautiful. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.
.  .  .
He drummed his fingers against the wooden arm of the chair. A girl. They said it was a boy when they last checked. Greg sighed softy, looking it the face of his daughter sleeping beside him and his wife sleeping in the hospital bed. A smile played at his lips, oh well things could be a lot worse. He brushed some hair out of her face.
"You're not the boy they told me you would be, but you're the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen Simone."
The baby made a soft noise, making Greg smile. He would love his little girl to bits.
.  .  .
"Happy birthday Simone!" "Blow out the candles and make a wish honey!"
The twelve year old leaned forward, blowing out the candles on the cake in excitement. As the others clapped she looked around before up at her mother.
"Mommy where's daddy?"
"He has to work late sweetie, he'll see you later tonight."
While little Simone pouted she understood, daddy had been busy a lot lately. Oh well, why be sad when you had cake?! The sun soon set and Simone slept well in her bed...until a loud crash came form the hallway and into her room stumbled Gregory.
"Daddy are you okay?!"
One look as he threw himself over his daughter's bed told her he was not. He stank really badly.
"Daddy got fired..."
He looked at her, grabbing her arms so tight she began crying.
"Stop're gonna be a lady now."
.  .  .
"Sweetie...we need you to tell us what happened. Your daddy came in to your room and he was drunk then what?"
Simone trembled softly, holding her still bleeding arms through the bandages. Loud sirens were everywhere, and she watched two teams of paramedics roll away two covered bodies. Her mother held her hand, making the little girl jump in fright.
"It's okay Simone you're not in trouble. Tell the nice officer what happened."
Mommy had been crying the entire time. Simone swallowed, still shaking with tears rolling down her face like rivers. It was a long while before she replied softly.
"He...he touched me..."
.  .  .
She wasn't the same for a very long time. Simone was distant, didn't speak much, and would go to her room right away after school. It was like it was yesterday. He dad trying to rip off her pajamas, her best friend Tomoya jumping onto his back and biting him to make him get off her. And daddy grabbing the broken glass before mommy could find the gun. Most nights she couldn't sleep, being haunted by the clear memories.
Her best friend...there one minute and gone the next trying to save her. The bitter smell of alcohol still hurt her nose...why? It was all she asked, why did daddy do it? And why did he have
to die for it? Simone never blamed her mother, she was just trying to protect them. No...Simone blamed herself more then anyone. She felt like she had done something terribly wrong, and daddy had treated her like that because of it. She stood up and dug through her medicine cabinet. One of her friends had given it to her, and she needed to change this horrible person. The next morning her mother screamed and dropped everything she had...seeing her daughter with bright pink hair.
.  .  .
"Honey, are you going to be okay?"
That smile, she'd wanted so long to see it again.
"Mom, I'll be fine. It's high school the beginning of something new. It's behind me really."
With one last hug Simone walked through the front gates, sighing softly when her mother was out of hearing range.
"It's behind me alright...right behind me."
With a sudden bump she shook her head, blushing when she heard a few people snickering at her. Glaring up at the sign she blinked and her anger was gone.
"Join choir..."
.  .  .
"I can't believe this is happening!"
Her mother shouted excitedly, digging through her daughter's clothes and throwing them in a sloppy pile over the open suitcase. Simone laughed sheepishly, folding the clothes and putting them neatly in her bags.
"Mom relax, it's just an audition it doesn't mean the record company will sign me up."
Hannah held her daughter so tight she dropped the shirt in her hands.
"How can I relax?! Just one public show and my baby could be a star! You'll knock em dead! You'll be famous around the world-!"
"I'm going to miss my plane if you don't let me go so I can pack."
Her mother frantically let her go, racing out her room to find another suitcase. Simone smiled, feeling at peace for the first time in a long time. This was a new beginning, the old Simone was gone...for now at least.
.  .  .
"Hey mom."
Simone smiled, throwing herself down on her brand new leather couch.
"They signed me, I'm recording my first song in two days."
Simone held the phone away as her mother let out a scream that would be heard by any dog within two miles.
"Oh honey that is wonderful! You better let me know when you're coming home because I want to see my famous little lady!"
Simone laughed, crossing her legs.
"I will mom, I have to get some rest for tomorrow...I love you to you soon...bye."
She placed the phone back on the receiver, lying on her back and staring at the ceiling. Her fingers found the choker at her neck, fumbling with the cross in the center of the fabric.
"I won't let you down buddy...thank you, you let me have this chance by saving me back then...i just wish it didn't cost what it did."
Her eyes shut, and behind them she saw the blood rushing down her dad's arms. No, that was over...she threw her legs over the side of the couch and stood up, looking around her new home.
"I wish you were here always wanted to be famous. I'm gonna make it far...and you'll be here with me every step of the way."
She held the choker again, almost feeling Tomo's arms around her in that moment.

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Ollison, Simone (Done)
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