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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Valdís, Keaira

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Keaira Valdís

Keaira Valdís

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Valdís, Keaira KurobaSaneaki6001674653_zpsc0f3db3a

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Keaira Aeron Valdís
Nickname(s) : Aeron
Reason for the nickname(s) : It’s her middle name, and what the demon goes by.
Birthdate/ Season: October 31st; Autumn.
Occupation: Artist.

Physical Appearance

Race: Hybrid (human, demon)
Age: 33
Age Appearance: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 142 pounds.

Body Information: Long and slender limbs are rather and surprisingly defined. Keaira’s skin is a “porcelain” white, and not just in color. It is extremely smooth and unmarred except in one area. Across her lovely face a large scar starts on the left side down under where her ear is, and moves across the skin diagonally; over her eye and disappearing into her hairline. She almost always has this covered though; that is unless Aeron is out. When the demon takes her body it disguises her as a man, and leaves the scar out for all to see. Perhaps to keep her identity a secret?

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : A scar that starts on the left side of her face and crosses all the way to the right.
Hair Color: Snow white.
Hair Length: Very long; it comes down past her butt. If she's being herself she often has it pulled back in a way; when Aeron is out it tends to be free.
Eye Color: Bluish-purple to bluish-green.
Skin Tone:Porcelain white.
Glasses or Contacts: None.
Accessorie(s) : Keaira has her ears pierced.

Attire: Keaira tends to wear whatever she feels like that day. It can be jeans and a t-shirt or an actual dress. Aeron on the other hand tends to walk around in leather pants and boots with belts on the legs, and a tight long-sleeved black shirt with a long black duster over it.


Personality: Keaira seems to be a rather simple girl. Rather nice, polite, and so shy that she barely speaks. While Keaira does have a voice she doesn't often use it and it's a rarity to hear it. She speaks with body language rather than actually open her mouth and almost always seems to have a solemn and lonely look on her face. While it is technically possible to get her to speak most deem it as improbable since even her manager cannot get her to speak.

Aeron on the other hand is outgoing, flirtatious, and can often be seen as cruel. In all honesty the demon actually often just vocalizes Keaira's thoughts; the ones she never speaks to a soul. He also can act rather violent as he does what he calls "taking revenge for Keaira". Everyone he feels has wronged the girl in someway is a target, but there is a main group that he's after and those people are the ones who terrorized her as a child, and those who killed her parents and gave her the scar.

Like(s) : Dolls, art, reading, the piano, and those who respect her desire to be silent.
Dislike(s) : Being made fun of, criticism that's more mean than constructive, rude people, sour things, and salty things.
Fear(s) : Losing anyone she might be close to, and being harmed again.
Habit(s) : Scratching near the lowest corner of her scar on the left side.
Talent(s) : Painting, black and white pencil drawings, and piano.

Pet Peeve(s) : People continually pestering her about her not speaking.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Homosexual.
Virgin?: Yes.
Status: Single.
Preference(s) : Unknown.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Hand-to-hand, close combat, and those that require strength.
Weapon(s) : A simple and large scythe, and a concealed dagger.

Pros: Acrobatics, tests of agility, and close combat.
Cons: Ranged combat, feats of immense strength, and pain.

Special Gift: While Keaira herself wouldn't really consider it a gift herself; Aeron is the demon locked away inside of her and she's able to release him. While it should be more like he's able to force himself out, she doesn't usually mean for him to come out, but he takes care of her and often does the fighting for her since she's afraid of, and can't handle, pain.


Luggage: While Keaira doesn't enjoy traveling much, when she has to she carries the minimum amount of stuff possible.
Pet?: A raven named Juliette.
Transport: As of now she doesn't have a car or anything, but tends to walk or take the bus.

Living Area?: Apartment.


Hometown: Ireland.
Guardian(s) : Deceased.
Sibling(s) : Deceased.

History: For as long as recorded the Valdís family had been "burdened" with containing the demon that went by the name of Aeron. While everyone in the family was rather certain that Aeron isn't the demon's real name it is the one that it adapted while living inside the females of the Valdís family. He started out as a monster that desired to destroy all of mankind, but through the many centuries of being sealed away inside of the women he's grown somewhat soft on that front and more or less "lives" to protect these women.

Born October 31st, Keaira was the latest in the Valdís family line, and so Aeron was transferred from her mother to her. Living with the demon didn't seem so bad for the young child, rather she seemed pretty happy and her parents would walk in on her conversing with the being hidden away in her; Aeron himself seemed rather calm and content to be with the child. As she aged though they both seemed to grow more and more discontent.

When Keaira hit about the age of 5 her family moved her to this place. They lived rather peacefully in the city until somehow the rumor of Aeron's existence within Keaira got out. The children began to bully her; even going so far as to throw stones at the girl. It didn't take long for Keaira to realize that vocalizing her feelings and concerns to the adults and teachers brought around nothing, but for her to be punished as they said she was lying despite the bruises and other injuries. This is when Keaira first stopped talking.

The child's parents were concerned, but even to them she wouldn't vocalize, and it seemed as though she had even stopped talking to Aeron. This truly bothered the demon that resided within her, and as much as he wanted to get out and protect the girl the seal was far too strong at this age. So together they went in silence, not speaking to anyone, and taking the abuse.

Keaira suffered like this until she was twenty. That's when the parents of these once children had gotten the courage to do something outrageous. One night Keaira awoke to the door being broken down to her and her parents home. She rushed in the living room to find that her parents had done the same and were attempting to fend off the angry crowd. In front of her both of them were murdered; throats slit after being beaten nearly to death. Next the crowd came for her.

In the grips of some rather strong men they decided they would torture her first. Keaira was beaten the same before someone took a knife to her face; running the blade deeply from under her left ear up across her face and over her nose past her eye and into her hairline. This is what finally broke the seal within her, and Aeron showed himself through her for the first time. Immediately he snapped the wrist of the man who dare cut the girl he loved and protected; grabbing the knife from him, and stabbing him repeatedly in the face. Before anything else could be done though the rest of the crowd ran off.

The next thing that Keaira remembers is waking up in the hospital; her face bandaged and now "repaired" aside from the deep and nasty scar that would reside there the rest of her life. From this day the officials state that the incident was caused by one of the mafias, Keaira deep within herself knows that's false. She knew the men and women who came for her, and their images are burned into the deepest part of her mind for Aeron to stare at. He remembers each and every individual face and hunts down them and anyone else who does Keaira wrong. Sometimes the girl wakes up in the middle of nowhere covered in blood.

For the most part the girl does her best to live peacefully; avoiding conflicts and not speaking to anyone but Aeron. Her art is what allows her to manage to live, as she is able to put her emotions into that.

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Valdís, Keaira
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