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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Fate, Usagi

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Usagi Fate

Usagi Fate

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PostSubject: Fate, Usagi   Fate, Usagi EmptyTue Apr 08, 2014 3:23 pm

Fate, Usagi 1a2188b4e51d05c05cb19665107db5bd

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Usagi Sora Fate
Nickname(s) : Usa or Sora
Reason for the nickname(s) : Both names she will allow people to call her.
Birthdate/ Season: July 1st
Occupation: 'Community'.
Usagi delivers news, data, information, and files secretly. She uses her body as transport.
She is a hired hand to take on missions.
Usagi is a pro acrobat, who entertains the Public for a fee.
Can be hired as a Assassin or Bodyguard.

Physical Appearance

Race: Rabbit, she hides her roots well for she can hide the rabbit ears and tail well.
Age: Twenty One 'but really is she over 21 for she is over a few hundred years old. 350+'
Age Appearance: Appears to be a normal teenager who is eighteen.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11
Weight: One hundred and thirty pounds.

Body Information: Usagi is a tall, slender, and independent woman who trains her body and mind to do near impossible missions which are requested of her by the rich and wealthy. Normal grown arms and legs help her along her mission for she runs and always can be seen running over buildings or over fences. There are constant tattoo's which are over different parts of her body. The most seen tattoo is over her left eye, while the second known tattoo is on her left arm. The other common tattoo's are on both of her legs, not much is known as how the tattoo's got there but it will be shared during her history 'Past'. In actual truth they are not tattoos, they are her life.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) :
Both of her legs
Eye and her left arm.

Hair Color: Raven 'Black'
Hair Length: Short, it is well cut and surrounds her face evenly. However, will let it grow to her shoulders but past that will she cut it.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Beautiful Olive, her skin is glossy and is healthy.  
Glasses or Contacts: None, her eye sight is perfect.
Accessorie(s) : Gloves, upper arm bands 'weights', wrist bands 'weights', yellow and black book bag, elastic black bands which go over her legs, upper body traveling bag which holds different items, and normal jewelry.  

Attire: Usagi dresses lightly so it will not hinder her or slow her down. Natural attire is better suited for her and her type of work. Traveling also means organizing your items, and holding less weight. Sleeveless tops will always be seen on her along with cargo pants of white with black designs on the sides is what she will wear at all times. The tops she will wear are vary from black, grey, white, or a navy blue. Other colors she will wear are black with white lines down the side of her shirt. The colors are different so it doesn't really bother her much.


Personality: Usagi Sora Fate is a confident woman with little shame or fear, she does what she is asked without complaining. Passionate along with being courageous, she follows her heart more than she does follow her own mind. Due to her being so bold and brave, she is a strong willed women who takes on anything that stands in her way. Much like everyone she takes on the world with little to no fear. This women goes running on the rooftops so it shows that she is not afraid of heights. Determination flows within her soul and she will not rest until she gets a job done with her own two hands. Though, she is always serious there is a fun loving side to her as well.

Normal conversations will happen often with Usagi around. She tends to be kind as well as optimistic more than others which proves she tries to take on everything on her own. She is a lone wolf who takes no one elses orders unless she is hired. Normal is her emotions much like everyone else, though it would seem she has a stronger heart than most. This girl will out run any who stand in her way, and will fight those who wish to do harm on those who are innocent.

Besides, all the serious nature can she prove to be sweet and caring which make people feel calm around her and they tend to trust her more than most. She will hold her friends close and dear to her heart much like how she resents those who harm children or animals. Up holding passion is one of her strong points, much like how her heart beats for someone she cares for. Though, she is serious and never does she waver in her sorrow or fear is there a different side to her. Normally, those who are strong and try to take on the world can they have a fragile side when it comes to sheer over whelming sensations. Those who look to be strong can cry the easiest and feel more for the person than others. Usagi is a sensitve soul who would rather save a child rather than saving herself, this then leads to all kinds of weaknesses.

Distant, sensitive, caring, passionate, funny, optimistic, confident, strong, mysterious, and easily to break under to much pressure. This leads to her heart always being toyed with, which is why she is distant in the first place. She doesn't want to show weakness for she wants to be there for all those she cares for and will try to protect them with her last remaining breath. Though, she is a rabbit she has more things to worry about rather than letting her instincts cloud her judgement. She wants to love. She wants to protect. That is what it really means to be free. By getting passed everything can she look at someone and smile in a sweet way , she is a good person and she wants to be good for those she loves.

If anyone can get past her serious and fragile natures can they see someone who will be at their side forever and will fight along side them forever. Usagi can be gentle as well as she can be loyal, being passionate comes into play for she will give up everything to make someone she cares for happy. Even if it means being a stay at home wife or maid. She is skilled in fighting, cooking, cleaning, mending wounds, repairing things, making clothes, and everything else that makes a woman strong and durable.

Like(s) : Running, training her mind and body, cooking, reading, children, animals, her friends, her loved ones, night skies, the moon, when it rains, adventuring, doing missions, being helpful, protecting those who can't protect themselves, listening to music, climbing, hiking, camping outdoors, treating wounds, ice skating, jumping over rooftops, watching movies, going out on her own, shopping, eating at different places, trying new recipes, paintings, looking up things on a computer, delivering goods, conversating, making new friends, and being viewed on as strong.
Dislike(s) : Abuse on animals or children, never protecting someone, hurting someone with her feelings or emotions, arguing with people she deeply cares for, being given orders to harm people, seeing her friends cry, men who try to take advantage of weaker people, being viewed on as weak, crying, wants to be the one who saves a person, failing a mission, getting sick, seeing someone else suffer because of her, and being a friend who hurts other people's feelings. Orders are important but not as important as friends or lives.
Fear(s) : Being unable to help people, seeing someone die because of her, dying on a rooftop by being shot down, being viewed as useless, and fears for all those she cares for.
Habit(s) : Tends to be distant with her friends, is a thrill seeker when she falls, chews gum in a disrespectful manner, tends to get competitive with her friends, smokes, drinks, and is known to boss her friends or loved ones around 'She does this to try and protect them'.
Talent(s) : Skilled Fighter, acrobat, cooking, cleaning, making clothes, camping, mending wounds, and everything else that is related to house work or outdoor work.

Pet Peeve(s) : Seeing men taking advantage of women or children, abuse on the innocent, and tends to let her feelings of rage get the best of her. Example: Someone who hurts a friend or loved one will she seek out revenge. This is one of her biggest pet peeves. No one messes with someone she cares for and lets them get away with it.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Unknown.
Virgin?: Yes. She is passionate with those she cares for, however they must get married before letting their feelings get the best of them. She is a major sentimental person.
Status: Single
Preference(s) : Unknown

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Hand to hand combat, Bojuka is a self defense fighting style, and Nabi Su is a modern hybrid martial arts style comprising Chinese, Korean, and Japanese elements
Weapon(s) : Though, she fights with her hands a feet does her bookbag contain weapons. One is Bersa Thunder 9 pistol from Argentina.
Secondly does she use a small Khopesh sword from Egypt.

Pros: Evasion which helps her Bojuka style, close combat fighting along with long ranged fighting.
Cons: Weather is one for it hinders her Bojuka style of fighting to close combat, running out of ammo is a common con in battle, and is poor in long range shooting if the other person holds another gun will she either run away or stay and fight and risk running out of ammo.

Special Gift: Hare Transformation, this is a natural gift she was given as well as born with for her body will shift into that of a Rabbit. Usagi's rabbit form is completely black with white feet. This form helps her in tight situations for she can change into a Rabbit at will and can easily transform back into a women at any given time.


Luggage: Bookbag, upper body bag for travel, and a suit case of yellow which holds important information for those she works for.
Pet?: Usagi does not have a pet, she hardly has anytime to go home and tend to a animal at the moment.
Transport: Though, she uses her body as main transport does she also have another means of transport which is a black dune buggy.


Living Area?: Due to her being part of the Community, she has saved up alot of money as well as worked enough to maintain a steady and balanced living which is why she had bought down on a two story house within this high tech city.


Hometown: Unknown, though she lives her now and has been living here for quite a while.
Guardian(s) : They got rid of her. Jasper Nightengale, this man is like a father to her but has died due to natural causes. Naturally, his health did him in.  
Sibling(s) : None.

History: Usagi Sora Fate was and will always be a unwanted child for her real parents gave her up and wanted nothing to do with her. The reason was not known as to why they did not want her for all that was known was that they spoke of having to many children and thus got rid of Usagi due to her poor health as a infant.

Usagi never knew her real parents nor her real siblings but she did come to know a man who was a normal everyday worker within this vast city of dreams. Jasper was a normal worker with the police force and had retired upon finding Usagi at his door step. A normal drop a infant and move plan which was what her real parents chose. Jasper was a normal man with a normal life and way of living, never did he marry due to his own problems of health. Raising the infant was a great discovery for the man who knew nothing of children for he always stayed away from those kind of things. Probably cause his health was bad and he had no time to play with children.

Usagi grew up under the care of this man and had came to love him like a father, however the city greatly liked rich people and wanted nothing to do with normal everyday workers. They had failed to get their dreams so why should they care for those who could not reach their dreams. Usagi grew to resent the city for all they cared about was the rich and famous but she knew better to fully hate them for that was how most cities were. They needed money she reasoned and Jasper told her that and so she grew to believe it.

Jasper knew of Usagi's gift for she became a Rabbit to go through areas where no other humans has gone before. The simple retired man thought of it as a blessing and loved Usagi up until his last remaining breath. Jasper died due to his health and it was due to her love and devotion for Jasper that she had lived for as long as she has. As a infant Usagi was sick due to her real parents not giving her food or anything to keep a baby alive and so they thought of her as sick and just got rid of her. Jasper was sick himself but he put it upon himself to give the little infant girl as much as she needed to grow and become healthy. It was due to this that she lived through her childhood.

Jasper was proud of his new found daughter up until he died, after his death Usagi wanted to make this world a better place by using the wealthy's money to bring the Community back from the cities selfish hands. The Community was barely living due to the city and their rules of bringing out new talent that were within everyone. 'Dreams' was another way of milking out the life of normal people within the high tech city. Usagi became what she is today to bring everyone who is normal and working normal jobs to a whole new height. Delivering information and obtaining money from the wealth did she donate it to the Communtiy which in turn made people happy and thus they lived well.

However, the city wasn't fond of this and saught after Usagi and her own strong heart. Fights and ambushes happen and before she knew it she woke up in a hospital with cables and wires in her. The city had almost killed her for her selflessness and due to that did she almost lose her left arm and legs. The doctors told her that she would be in a wheel chair for the remainder of her life. Her strength came from her heart and so she trained senselessly until her mind and body would listen to her and her demands. It was a long recovery process but she pulled through and before she knew it was she running and jumping over rooftops which surprised the doctors who had doubt in her.

Jasper's words of support got her through her childhood and now through her life, his words touched her soul and heart and so she pushed forward. Usagi looked up Jasper's belongings and files and found out alot of things about his work and cases that he had done. Upon reading this did she dictate her feelings unto the man who was like a father to her. Tattoos was the next step for she told the artist to place all the signs in his father's files unto her body and let her show the proof of life and love. These markings on her body today ring out the love and the struggle that she had went through much like her father Jasper had went through.

She will live and protect those that her father use to back when he was able. She will apologize to her father later for her selfish decision but she will do that later by making sure the Community is safe.

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Fate, Usagi
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