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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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Usagi Fate

Usagi Fate

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PostSubject: Nilin    Nilin  EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 9:46 pm

Nilin  91c698f29cc1ab1bab2a2276e0bd2ed7
Avatar Name: Nilin Knight
Avatar Gender: Female
Avatar Race: Seeker. 'Main weapon are guns.'
Weapons: Sniper and High Tech Pistol
Avatar Appeal: Nilin is a out going woman who takes on missions by herself. She smokes is the biggest appeal about her, other than her being a lone wolf just about all of the time.
She is also a skilled user when it comes to Snipers.
Close ranged to distant attacks are pretty common since she is a Seeker.
Other appeals is her charm and courage. Not much of a flirt, she tends to stay to herself.
Also, she is a big leader figure and if people can't understand that then she is better off on her own.

Height/ Weight: 5'9/ Nilin weighs at a average of 137 pounds.
Interest: Nilin likes to adventure on her own, she is a big fan on taking things on her own. Since she is lone wolf, some may find it hard in trying to get her to join their group. More cases than one. Nilin doesn't want the pressure in protecting people, she finds it very annoying and not only that she fears being with others due to her lack of people skills. A major person when it comes to guns, she loves everything that has to do with guns. She also likes looking for treasure or new items to sell to other players. She is a skilled user in guns, many go flocking to her due to her skill in shooting far away or close up.
Dislikes are rather rare with her since she doesn't travel with other players, however she hates travel with other players due to them always telling her what to do. She trusts herself more than others, this is a major flaw within her character.
Sexual Interest: Nilin is a lone wolf but she tends to stare off into space when she sees other players playing together. In example to this, she tends to stare at a couple who are playing the game together to better improve their levels. This makes Nilin silent and she tends to leave for she doesn't want to be bothered by her major flawing of not talking to people. If anyone can break through this barrier of hers, she will be loyal with the person and may come to tolerate their behavior. In other words she is open to any gender, just as long as they understand her and her ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Nilin    Nilin  EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 10:03 pm

I approve this! Happy hunting!

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Sir Tybalt 'The Knight of Grace'

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