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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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Riley Zerstörer

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PostSubject: Zerstörer, Riley   Zerstörer, Riley EmptyWed Apr 16, 2014 1:01 am

Riley's Normal
Zerstörer, Riley Image

Riley's Demonic

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Riley Zerstörer- "Means destroyer in German"
Nickname(s) : Has not been given a nickname yet.
Reason for the nickname(s) : Though, she has never had a nickname given to her. She would be glad for people to give her a nickname, however they have to be close to her personally.
Birthdate/ Season: She was born on February the 14th. Valentine's Day. Season being either late Winter or some what reaching Spring.
Occupation: Riley was a skilled Actor as well as being in another line of work never to be mentioned to any but her friends or someone closer to her personally. She had it all until a accident had happened which had killed her. Though, she is a Demon which tries to do good. It oftenly fails, due to her lust of getting into trouble or most likely harming people without really caring about their health or condition. Due to her returning to life and retiring as a actor is she living the life of being wealthy.

Physical Appearance

Race: Retired Actor is now Wealthy. Riley is a Demoness.
Age: Her death happened when she hit the age of 26. Now she is back and living her life over.
Age Appearance: Looks to be in early 20's.
Gender: Female
Height: 6'4
Weight: 120 pounds, this is due to her good figure and even muscle tone.

Body Information: Riley is a good looking women who has the charm to seduce any man who walks her way, though she looks nice does not mean she is nice. The body of this women is meant to steal away their focus. Slender body along with long arms and legs, she is indeed a enchanting woman who has pride and skill. Seducing is her main weapon of choice though she does not seduce people everytime, the only way to seduce people is to make sure they lack some kind of intelligence. In other words she does this to rather stupid people who would easily surrender to it. Her hair is smooth and feels like silk, her skin shows a rather nice glow to it which means she is healthy or appears to be. This women is meant to be feared, so do not take her lightly even if she does look at you sweetly.

Riley's Demonic is a very dangerous woman who has horns, and a very long and slender black tail which fits well with her appearance. This demoness has so much charm in this form which is easy to tell that she uses her body as some kind of weapon to lower people's guards. Her skin is rather normal looking until she comes into the light and then will people see that her skin is a flawless white color which resembles ivory of a tusk or bone. The most capturing look in both appearances is her eyes for they shift color all depending on her mood which isn't much due to her eyes changing into three colors.
Sapphire Blue- "Normal"
Violet Purple- "Rage"
Crimson Orange- "Seducing/ Playful"
The two other colors which are not 'Normal' are only displayed in her Demonic Appearance.

Many men have tried to win her heart but none have got it yet, due to her demands and the show of violence as well as Dominance.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : Riley has Cobra tattoo's all over her upper arms. Both tattoo's are black and look very disturbing due to their pose and aura they give off. This girl also has a scar which is on her back or rather a very large scar which gives way to how she had died when she was once normal.
Hair Color: Beautiful Lavender/ Turns black when she becomes Demonic
Hair Length: Long which cover's her back perfectly.
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue/ Turn's to Violet Purple when she becomes Demonic
Skin Tone: Heahtly and Flawless/ Flawless White
Glasses or Contacts: None
Accessorie(s) : Normal items such as jewels as well as high classed items will please her well. She tends to wear normal jewelry much like normal women alive, though when she becomes Demoness will she show a like for Violence and skulls. The only known item which will be seen on her Demoness or Normal look is a choker of black leather.

Attire: Riley's attire is and always will be revealing no matter if it is a t-shirt or a pair of pants or jeans. This woman has nothing to hide and nothing to fear which is why she dresses up in a elegant manner with her hair properly taken care of much like the rest of her body and look. This lady has no shame which is why she wears the things she does, that even means wearing a dress which cloaks her body to wearing a skirt with a sleeveless top. Coats, jackets, simple uniforms, to wearing simple kind of clothes that normal females wear is a most common look onto her being. When she looks to be normal will she wear clothes that fit a normal lady.

When she is in he Demonic Appearance will she wear less than the clothes that her normal appearance wears. Black as the darkest hole is the color of her dress which cloaks her body well. The dress is covered in cuts and looks to be burn which ends to about her knees, once she changes her appearance will she be barefoot with a rather dark sense of humor. Though, she looks to be cute this is all just a faze to bring people in close to her only then to hurt them emotionally. This lady was once normal but due to her experiences and becoming a Demoness is it hard for her to get close to people due to her nature changing towards everyone.

On other days will she dress up like a bad girl to a girl who could care less about the word known as 'Style.'


Personality: Riley is a distant women who has more time in dealing with things and not hanging out with friends for she has none. The certain few friends that she has would not be able to see how she is entirely do to her manner of keeping things secret from them. This lady who appears to be normal can look harmless and walks around with her eyes in the distance but really she is anything but harmless and tends to hide the fact that she is actually a Demoness who is out to cause harm and trouble. It is not known as to why she acts this way but it seems that when she was once alive was she constantly being tricked and played around which in the end caused her death. Riley believes this and she stays in the dark, never does she want to hear the truth for she fears it.

Riley is a flawed character who can not come to turns on why she had died when everyone she knew loved her or actually played like they cared for her. A sensitive women who had died has now changed to a lady who wants nothing to do with people and those who try to get to know her become hurt by her selfishness and confusion. Frustration runs in her veins as well which tends to make her mad or angry. Besides, all the rage and anger can she be sort of kind and thoughtful. It depends on the people who wish to get to know her better. When she was alive, was she able to laugh and have fun much like many women like her. This changed when her life started going down hill.

As a Actor was she able to make expressions which really didn't mean anything due to it being called 'Acting', this changed way to quickly for her and she was replaced by the many new stars that had came up and took her place. Riley wants nothing better than to make a few friends who understand her but due to her ways now has she become distant and acts like nothing bothers her which is why she lashes out with her anger and rage. Underneath the rage and anger can she be very seducing and passionate, but this will only be veiwed by the people who she has come to love more than life itself.

She laughs sarcastically, she pretends to cry, she acts caring, she looks to nice to cause harm which in truth is false. Riley likes to get in trouble, she loves to hurt peoples feelings, and she likes to take her rage out on people only cause that was what everyone did to her when she was once living among the so called people who acted like her friends.

Like(s) : Riley loves to dine out on her own, she loves sitting in the rain, sitting on the beach, shopping for herself, cooking for herself, tends to watch horror movies, listens to music which fits her different moods, horses to cows, laying in the bed with blankets over her head, lashing out at people who try to step over the line, skulls, jewelry which appears to be to dark, drawing, tends to act though she doesn't do it anymore, swimming, dancing, singing 'humming', being alone, painting her nails, working out, climbing/ jumping over things, riding horses, driving alone, painting, playing the violin, and she likes to dress up for herself. She also likes to dominate over others, as well as push people around. Loves to be bossy.

The likes she does with friends varies due to her making friends and how they act, it is easy to say that she will be distant with them.
Dislike(s) : When to many people crowd her, having to talk to a person when she does not want to, having to watch over someone 'Watching a child', when to many people try to flirt with her when really she doesn't flirt that much back, when someone tries to dominate her, talking to people who do not understand her, when friends get to nosy in her buisness, people who are hanging out with friends 'To much noise for her to take', crying, someone saying that they know it all, those who speak about her experience as if it was nothing, and hates dogs/ cats.
Fear(s) :Being controlled by another person, and becoming weak.
Habit(s) : Tends to lash out at people, is rather snappy in her remarks, tends to walk away from people, tries to get others in trouble, is selfish, smokes, drinks, ignores people, and tends to run away from everyone and everything. 'To much chatter is not liked which is why she listens to her headphones every single time.'
Talent(s) : Skilled Actor, good chef, wonderful dancer, plays the violin well, decent singer, is skilled in hiking or climbing, can communicate well with horses and cows just by simply talking to them and petting them, she is also a fast track runner.

Pet Peeve(s) : Crying from children 'To much noise which then causes her to flinch and run away for it is to much emotion for her to handle.' Riley tries to be strong which means she pushes herself hard to not feel anything.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Demisexual, is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.
Virgin?: No
Status: Single. Riley was suppose to be engaged but that changed rather quickly.
Preference(s) : Unknown.
Riley is seeking out companionship with someone who is able to take her as she is, she will not let her guard down until she finds one person who can love her. However, she is rather selfish and tries always to dominate them.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Hand to hand combat, skilled with Katana, and is a excellent fighter when it comes to using the area around her like a weapon.
Weapon(s) : Katana and her Claws 'Demonic'

Pros: Skilled in close up battle, a good battle thinker, and is skilled with the sword.
Cons: If anyone uses a gun or any kind of distant attacks will she be open. Due to her hand to hand as well as using a sword she is at a great disadvantage.  Though, she is good at thinking in battle does she tend to let her rage or anger cloud her judgement. When this happens will she flee.

Special Gift: Mirror Plate-This gift only happens when she is in her Demonic Form 'True Form', this gift allows her to make copies of herself and this is good for she uses this to confuse her foes.


Luggage: Real fur side bag, purse of pure leather, several suit cases which are either in the back of her car or inside of her home.
Pet?: Black Stallion 'Horse'
Transport: Riley has a 2014 Stingray Corvette

Zerstörer, Riley Di-2014_chevy_models_corvette_stingray-bc09fe64b6954ac731dc505860c8a8a7

Living Area?: Mansion


Hometown: Bavaria, Germany
Guardian(s) : Step Mother, August Lumina 'Living'
Sibling(s) : Step Younger Sister, Heather Lumina 'Living'

History: Everything was given to Riley when she was born into this world, life was simple and it was fair or it acted fair when she was growing up. Riley's Step Mother married her actual father when she was entering Middle School, life wasn't so great with her step mother around. This woman was mean and rude and treated Riley like the black lamb, it wasn't long before Riley's father passed away and due to it hurting her so will he not be mentioned. The so called 'Mother' figure had a daughter with Riley's father before he died and she had to live with such a ungrateful sister who acted as if she was the best thing in the world.

Riley wanted to get out of the house and away from the two so called family members which were anything but family. Not much of a person who wanted to go out and work in the Community did she put herself out there and became a world best Actor. Everyone loved her and many people ran to her for they wanted a autograph. So many things that were good happened which caused Riley to become soft, which everyone took control over her and her feelings. For as long as she could remember she did not feel like she was being used by the Public. After sometime was she proposed to by a man who was a singer and was ranked the top Hottest man in the whole Singer's Block. Overjoyed by this did she allow her heart to be played with. Riley stayed away from her family, but it did not take long until her step mother found her along with her step sister. Both ladies came and ruined Riley's show which made her furious which at the time did not scare people. They figured it was personal and didn't see the hate which was burning in Riley's eyes.

Her step mother made sure to put Riley down and treated her like dirt much like her step sister which made many people laugh. Right before her eyes did she see her sister take the spot light which made everyone happy and they loved her more than Riley. August simply laughed and called Riley a 'Failure'. Riley glared and tried to yell at her mother to get out of her life but no one listened and no one care, rather they turned on Riley who was stunned by the peoples display. So much love from her fans left Riley which made her storm off with her back turned to the world. Riley's step mother then took the chance to make Riley's life a living hell. Upon walking to her soon to be husbands house did she stand infront of the door and saw a sign which said everything. Riley's step sister stole her soon to be husband away and all that Riley cared about was getting even.

One dark and rainy night did she take it upon herself to seek out a group of men who could do horrible deeds just by paying them. Riley paid these men to kill her step mother and step sister, and that she did not care what would happen to her in the long run. The men agreed and left which made Riley seem satisfied. While she was walking home did she look up her savings and saw that she had enough to retire and thus sent in her retirement through her cellphone. To focused on this did she hear a loud noise and a pair of bright shinning lights which thus ran her over and killed her instantly. A large gash was placed upon her back which in turn caused her death. Not known to Riley did her coward of a mother and sister turn the tables and gave more money to the men who was suppose to kill them in the first place.

Riley does not recall much on what had happened but all that she does know was that she was not pleased. She wanted to get even no matter the cost of her being or soul. A dark voice erupted from a bottomless pit and it thus grant her wish making her into the very dark figure which stands before you now. This voice was mysterious but held not humor to it, Riley took this offer and was reborn as a Demoness. Waking up in her house as if it were a dream did she seek out her mother and sister and had caused harm to them to where they were sent to the hospital for treatment. Getting even only seemed to drive her fire on wanting to harm more people and get even with them. That is why she is walking amoung us today, she will seek out her chance to get even with the stars who have it all while as she was made into this very being today. Not much is known as to what happened to her soon to be husband but it is clear that he is in a coma due to her rage and wrath.

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Zerstörer, Riley
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