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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Aikawa, Reino

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PostSubject: Aikawa, Reino   Aikawa, Reino EmptySat Mar 22, 2014 9:08 pm

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"Greetings, it is nice to meet all of you."
Character Data Chart

Entire name: Reino Denvar Aikawa
Nickname(s) : Rei, Solomon, and Brandon
Reason for the nickname(s) : All three names were given to him by his fans to his friends.
Birthdate/ Season: July 3rd/ Summer
Occupation: Actor who also works as a Manager when things are slow or no one is around to manage new talents.

Physical Appearance

Race: Crusniks
Age: Unknown.
Age Appearance: Twenty Nine
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 195 pounds for it is all muscle.

Body Information: A masculine figure with a manly appeal in both attitude and features, throughout his body is it even. Not one thing is out of place for it is obvious he works out as well as practices his skill in both talking and acting. Reino is a proud man with a body and smarts on his side. Long arms, long legs, long fingers, everything about him is quite large to some people due to his skills in training out his body and mind. All Crusniks have a appeal which makes people melt and it seems to work very well for Reino due to him being as such race. However, he did not get here with his looks though some people say he did get into this kind of job due to his looks but he is a mature and smart man who works very hard to get to where he is today.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : A wolf like tattoo on the center of his back. He finds wolves to be strong hunters and adores them due to their survival instincts.
Hair Color: Black, a rather well liked color of black that is not considered black.
Hair Length: Evenly long and cut to fit his facial structure.
Eye Color: A soft silver tone color which takes on a faint purple hue.
Skin Tone: Olive
Glasses or Contacts: None, though for the sake of his job will he wear them. Acting has alot of things that you must do to stay in character.
Accessorie(s) : Necklaces, rings, expensive wrist watches, neck ties, manly scarves, simple chokers, and even sometimes ear rings though they clip onto his ears.

Attire: Due to his job has he been known to wear stylish clothes, these clothes are highly liked by rich men which he can afford rather well due to the job he is in. Not much is known in how much money he makes but he makes quite alot for him to be able to stay in a top class condo along with buying stylish clothes for all types of stores. Most of the time will he wear suits, to rather manly like attire that fits with a high class man. On the other note will he wear simple clothes which are still quite expensive. Reino is not ashamed to buy alot of things for he likes to stay in style and show off his combinations of clothing and style.

Most of the time he changes it up and other times will he just throw something on. It does not matter though for his style is always seen even when he does not care about it.


Personality: Reino Aikawa is a mature adult who loves the simple things in life, though he is a actor he is very serious when he plays a role and will show sides that are so different to how he normally is in life. A gentleman of the higest regard he shows everyone respect as well as a rather liked side of him which could be called 'fatherly'. This man likes to go out and shop as well as watch Tv or talk on the phone. A normal man of simple likes, it is just due to his simple liking of things is he majorly happy for he can afford things that others can't. Not once is he a man who will show off his new toys but rather he will use them to help himself or someone else out. Friends are rather liked with him for he would not mind spending time with them. Anything in the personal area field is uncertain for he isn't much of a guy to be considered the marrying type due to his busy job.

Do not fret though for Reino would love to go out with someone, it is just they must understand his job and love it much like how he loves it. A normal fun loving guy it is hard not to love him, though there are sides to him that many people fear for he is easy to make mad. The only way you could make him mad is to mess around with a close friend of his or perhaps speak badly of his dreams. Either way will he be rather rude and harsh and will give you a hard time in life. It is hard to say in how he would do it, but if he sees you again will you be in trouble.

On another note he loves animals but his major like is a cat. Cats are something that he can tolerate for they do not make much noise and they love to lay in your lap. A simple laid back animal which he has taken a liking too. If he were to get married would he be the simple father who would want to spend time with his family. This would lead to him changing his own hours just so he could spend time with his family.

Like(s) : Simple things such as reading, watching Tv, talking on the phone, shopping, going out to eat, playing simple games on his phone, listening to music, coffee, star gazing, cats, browsing on his laptop, working out, cooking, drinking, spending time with his friends or those who he is close too. Every little thing is a well liked in his opinion.
Dislike(s) : Those who torment his friends, animal abuse, being talked to in a bad way, the cold, and fighting with those who think they are better than him.
Fear(s) : There is not much known in what he fears but if there was one it would be facing a rival and thus losing his job because of it. Mainly, losing his job that he worked very hard for.
Habit(s) : Tends to smoke and drink.
Talent(s) : Good at role-playing out a role, speaking to a large crowd, a rather good cook, and is skilled in managing hours.

Pet Peeve(s) : Childish people who abuse him or his friends. Those who don't act their age mainly.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Bisexual
Virgin?: No. Reino was married once.
Status: Single. Reino is a divorced man.
Preference(s) : Someone who likes to go out with him on normal dates, someone who is good natured with animals or children for he some what adores children. The major thing he looks for is for them to love his job and stay beside him will watching him play out roles.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Hand to hand combat, evasion skill, and the kind of style which allows a weapon.
Weapon(s) : Reino uses twin bladed daggers which are always placed in his back pocket in their own sheathes.

Pros: Speed, Evasion, and Surprise Attacks.
Cons: Attacking in long distances, is bad in a fight with guns, and enviornments which hinder his speed or evasion.

Special Gift: Black Butterflys, a simple Crusnik move which allows him to use his Crusnik powers to make small butterflys which scout out through the area. They are handy when he feels like he is being followed or is lost. This gift is to help him better understand areas that he has not been in before. A simple move which is also very handy.


Luggage: Reino carries a three suit cases for each one is used for different items. Genuine black leather wallet with many pockets.
Pet?: A pure white cat with blue eyes. The cat is a male and is named Yori.
Transport: Reino drives a four door car that is like a Mustang. The color of it is white with black lines on the sides, the windows in this car are black. A hot rod for a rather liked gentleman.

Living Area?: Condo, this is a expensive condo which has the living space of a simple two story house.


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Guardian(s) : Mother and Father, 'Akane & Kaname Aikawa.'
Sibling(s) : Little sister who is in 10th grade, 'Yuki Aikawa'

History: Growing up in a simple life in Tokyo Japan did Reino live with his parents as well as his little sister. A normal childhood led him to highschool and then the highschool led him into acting in art classes. Becoming a different person through body and mind was his dream and he got good grades in these classes as well as other simple classes. Reino became a worldwide sensation when he went into his first play and got the attention of the Studio who asked him to work for them.

This was a long time ago and now he is living his dream job and is making sure to please the masses. Everyone loves him and they speak fondly of him along with giving him perfect scores. Always is he on Tv and this then leads him to move all over and meet fans and speak to them. Pictures are taken with his fans to highly increase their dreams. Reino is a mature actor who the Studio adores. This guy is just fun to work with, but there are always those people who speak badly of him as well.

On another topic was Reino married to a Actress who just married him to get her name in good graces and be on top by using his name and popular status. This did not cause the fans to dislike Reino for they felt sorry for him. As time went on did the woman becoming to demanding and Reino finally confessed his feelings to her. This was not working out with him for she did not love him and thus she used him to get higher in life. They divorced after being married for a year and a half. Not once does he regret it.

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Aikawa, Reino
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