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The year is 2500, everything here is high tech with new weapons and experiences. Becoming a star is the main goal of all who live here.
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 Kokytos, Melinoe

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Melinoe Kokytos

Melinoe Kokytos

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PostSubject: Kokytos, Melinoe   Kokytos, Melinoe EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 4:40 pm

Kokytos, Melinoe 5125ef51-9601-4800-95da-c64e38be7ac1_zpsf660db31

Character Data Chart

Entire name: Melinoe Callisto Kokytos.
Nickname(s) : Meli, Cal, Alli.
Reason for the nickname(s) : Shortened versions of her first and middle name.
Birthdate/ Season: Winter; February 3rd.
Occupation: Teacher who also works as an Actress.

Physical Appearance

Race: Hybrid: "Were-crocodile"
Age: Unknown.
Age Appearance: Late teens to early twenties.
Gender: Female.
Height: 6'2".
Weight: 132 pounds.

Body Information: Being only 132 pounds at such a height leaves Melinoe at what people consider a small build. While you can certainly tell that she's female from looking at her, she doesn't have too significant of curves. Being smaller in both the chest and backside areas of her body doesn't really bother Melinoe since she still has a decent figure and she knows she looks good anyway. Judging her as a "bean-pole" would likely backfire for anyone who might try harming or mugging her. To see this woman without clothes allows for a good look at the fact that she's decent in the muscle definition department. Looks can be deceiving, and though she looks somewhat small and like an easy target she has a good amount of strength which she works rather hard at to maintain.

Tattoo/ Marking(s) : Melinoe does in fact have tattoos though being a teacher she's sure that they're covered when she's at school since even in this advanced age people are still divided on the idea of such body art.
Hair Color: Brownish-black.
Hair Length: Melinoe loves her hair very much and does her best to keep it grown out. Her hair is always long because of this, though it can somewhat vary in length. The shortest she'll cut it though is to just under her shoulder-blades.
Eye Color: A rather stunning bright green.
Skin Tone: A creamy pale color.
Glasses or Contacts: Oftentimes Melinoe disguises the color of her eyes using contacts, and so many people don't honestly know her natural eye color. While she uses many different colored contacts brown seem to be her favorite for when teaching and such.
There are also times when working that Melinoe can be found wearing a pair of glasses. They have somewhat thicker frames and are the more rectangular-shaped glasses rather than rounded ones. She generally uses these for reading and working at a computer.
Accessorie(s) : Melinoe actually has various piercings though once more due to the remaining standpoints on such things she removes and hides them when teaching. In her ears are gauges that are somewhat large, but not too large. Their size is 3/4". She has her tongue pierced with a normal tongue piercing, and then she has her left side of her lip and right side of her nose done with hoops.

Attire: When teaching at school Melinoe dresses up rather professionally. She tends to wear a white dress-shirt with tight black pants and black shoes. Often with the dress-shirt she'll wear a black women's vest, and often has her hair up in a somewhat neat bun-like style. When out and about normally she'll wear just about whatever she wants. Her style could be considered somewhat "punk" as she often wears a leather jacket. There are even times when she can be found almost fully clad in leather. The jacket, leather pants, leather boots, and sometimes even a leather corset. She's not adverse to wearing other clothes though. She is an actress after all.


Personality: Melinoe actually has a fairly complex personality. She can often be seen as the "bad-girl" type of character when out on the town. This simply means that she dresses and acts as she wants, and is somewhat good at talking people into doing certain things. While many associate people with such character to getting in trouble, Melinoe doesn't actually do much that would cause any real trouble. Vandalism is a big no for the woman, though she can do some "morally questionable" things like drinking. Never would she do drugs though. She may speak her mind and act tough, but she's still a teacher and needs to set an example after all.

The teacher side to this woman is strict, but also gentle and caring. Goofing around in her class is probably not a very good idea. If there's nothing going on that she deems important then she'll allow some goofing off, as even though she's strict she can also be rather laid-back. She doesn't want the learning experience to be bad for the students. Melinoe loves teaching, and so she wants her students to love learning. Always willing to help students with any problems they have in her classes she also refuses to give any sort of favoritism. Certainly she'll have some students she likes more than others, and may even spend time with students outside of school, but she won't give any special benefits to these students, and she definitely won't lay off on enforcing the set rules with them.

The part of her that's complex though is that no matter which state she's in at the time she almost seems to have a thoughtful look on her face. Melinoe is constantly contemplating things, calculating them out in her head. She does her best to look at things from both sides of any idea or point, and this allows her to be a good debater. It's easy for her to refute statements of the opposing viewpoint in a debate since she can think of how to debate for not only her side, but also the other side. There's a bit of a catch to Melinoe's personality though. It's almost as if both parts of her are somewhat fake. The true feelings she holds inside of her almost seem to be grief mixed with other things such as anger, sorrow, and desire. She easily suppresses these things though and puts on a convincing show for everyone. The only person to know how she truly feels is herself. This is perhaps what makes her such a great actress. She can become anyone really.

Like(s) : Acting, Teaching, discipline but also at the same time relaxed environments, people who do extraordinary things, those who are true to themselves, and reading.
Dislike(s) : People who are bigger pretenders than herself, bad actors or actresses who refuse to take advice and learn from mistakes, lazy people, those who lack any sort of self-control, and those who don't understand the difference between having a debate and arguing.
Fear(s) : Entirely losing control of herself and causing harm to many people.
Habit(s) : Carrying various fortune-telling/"supernatural" items around with herself. Generally a crystal pendulum and most definitely a deck of tarot cards.
Talent(s) : Acting, teaching, fortune-telling, and making people disappear.

Pet Peeve(s) : Debates being escalated into arguments.

Personal Data

Sexual Interest: Homosexual.
Virgin?: Not likely.
Status: Single.
Preference(s) : That's not entirely known.

Combat Data

Fighting Style(s) : Hand-to-Hand, sword-play, and somewhat ranged weapons.
Weapon(s) : A VERY large sword, and a kusarigama. The support of the blade is made to look like a backbone, and the blade itself is coated in something that makes it look similar to jade in color. The chain itself is 8 feet in length and instead of being a simply chain-link, it is made to look like bones; at the end of the chain opposite to the blade, instead of the usual weight there is a lantern that glows an eerie bluish-green when lit. Nothing overly high-tech.

Pros: Hand-to-hand combat, slightly ranged combat, and keeping calm.
Cons: Not good with combat outside of 8 feet, not so good with guns, and she lacks "high-tech" weaponry.

Special Gift: Melinoe's odd birth defect that somehow caused a combination of crocodile jeans with her own makes her something people have decided to call a "Were-crocodile". Being this allows her to take on the form of a rather large crocodile. Some of the larger crocodiles caught in the wild can be anywhere from 21-28 feet in length. Melinoe's crocodile form is approximately 33 feet long from tip of its jaws to the tip of its tail. Its entire body mass is probably over a ton. Size may seem like a very good thing in a situation like this, but she also shares the crocodile's weakness. Speed on land while walking is fairly slow, but if you've ever seen a crocodile when being bothered they're able to lunge rather fast. Getting things within range of her when they seem to be teasing or irritating her is rather easy, but giving a full-on chase would be difficult.


Luggage: Really all that Melinoe packs when going somewhere are the necessities. Clothes for work, some clothes for going out, and some stuff to care for her pet.
Pet?: Melinoe has a pet crocodile named Chompers. While she isn't entirely sure of his age she does know that he's younger since he's only just over 4 feet long.
Transport: Melinoe doesn't really drive anything too high-tech. Just like her weapons she's somewhat old fashioned in her way of transportation. She rides a motorcycle to get around (Now you understand her thing for leather).

Living Area?: Being an actress Melinoe lives in a Condo.


Hometown: Greece.
Guardian(s) : Her mother and father have been deceased for a while now.
Sibling(s) : She had a sister named Macaria that she doesn't speak of.

History: Melinoe was born on February third in a somewhat small town in Greece. Her parents loved her very much, and since their family was very into Greek Mythology they gave her the name of Persephone and Zeus' daughter. Melinoe was one daughter of two. The other was her twin whom her parents named Macaria after Greek Goddess Melinoe's half-sister, Persephone and Hades' daughter.

The two got along well and found that they rather enjoyed each other's company. The girl's were practically inseparable, even continuing to sleep in the same bed at the age of 14. Why is it they suddenly stopped sleeping together at that age? Should you have guessed they finally grew out of such a habit then you're dead wrong. 14 is the age that Melinoe's odd birth defect decided to show itself.

Finding herself craving meat more often, and less cooked with the older she got the girl and her family began becoming distressed. It was odd for a child to eat so much, and not to mention raw, meat. The situation was curious, but the doctors said it wasn't anything to worry about since she wasn't getting sick from the raw meat and they hadn't been able to find anything wrong with her. Turns out that the doctors were wrong though. There had been plenty to worry about.

One day the two girls went out to play in the woods. They ended up in a dispute, and Melinoe lost her temper. The girl doesn't remember what happened next. She didn't even remember shifting into such a beast, but rather had seemed to have blacked out. This part of the story can only be told from her parents, who according to those in the town went running at the sound of a rather frightened and pained scream from their daughter Macaria. The next is history to the town really.

Melinoe had awoken to her parents grabbing at her, and her sister laying on the ground dead. Her arm had been torn off and she had bled to death. What could have caused such a mess though? Why Melinoe herself had. When she had lost her temper her odd mixture of genetics had kicked in and she shifted into a somewhat large crocodile. From there she'd torn her sister's arm off without thinking twice, and swallowed it whole. Certainly she hadn't meant to do such a thing, and she couldn't even remember doing it, but that didn't matter to her parents.

For many years after that incident Melinoe had been locked in the basement of their home, kept away from contact with anyone and left to dwell on the damage she'd done to her sister whom she'd loved very much. In order to keep her weakened her parents only threw her food occasionally, and Melinoe couldn't understand how her own family could treat her in such a way.

The hybrid doesn't recall when or even what it was that caused her to do this, but she'd decided enough was enough and escaped from the basement of her home. Basically all the details of this incident are a blur to her, and it doesn't entirely matter to her anymore anyway. She'd escaped, and left Greece, traveling all over the world. Eventually she got her degree to be a teacher, and soon after she finally settled down and ended up becoming an actress on top of that.

She does her best now to live peacefully, but occasionally she mixes quite a bit of violence into her life. Her talent for being able to make disappear since she can simply eat them and digest them has made her desirable to some people. She uses this for good though, and has a deal struck with some higher-ups, and occasionally she'll be sent out to make rather troublesome criminals disappear.

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Kokytos, Melinoe
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